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Did you apply for workforce recruitment? Would you like to get Workforce Ability Test Past questions? Download Workforce past questions and answers PDF on this page.

The Workforce recruitment is a very trending job opportunity with little vacancy, do you want to be among the shortlisted candidates.

If you want to get this job, we have a hack way which is the Workforce Interview past questions and answers we got directly from them to help you prepare better.

The real importance of Workforce past questions and answers will be discussed on this page.

Benefits of Workforce Past Questions

Off course there are some benefits if you are able to get the past questions and answers of Workforce recruitment, this page won’t contain all the benefit but the most important ones are listed below.

  1. Proper enlightenment about the forthcoming exams
  2. Building self-confidence
  3. Understanding mark scheme
  4. Ascertain your preparation status
  5. Possibility of repeated questions
  6. Overcoming possible fears
  7. You will feel more ready and prepared for the exams
  8. The past questions will give you area of focus
  9. You can prepare just with the past question and still be successful in the exams
  10. The secret to succeeding in the exams will be disclosed

There are many more benefit which you will also discover personally.


How to Get Workforce Past Questions and Answers

All of the above mention can only be possible if you get the last question, to grab your copy simply do the following.

Make payment of Two Thousand Naira (N2,000) either transfer, deposit or using your ATM card.

Price     =   N2,000

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NIS Past Questions

After payment forward your payment details through text/WhatsApp 07087135843, feel free to call before purchase.

Workforce Ability Test Past Questions Samples

Carefully read through this passage and answer the questions accordingly.

Many businesses now recognize that there are wide-ranging benefits to be gained from offering their workforce flexible working arrangements. These arrangements can include being able to work from home, job sharing, part-time working and being able to choose when to complete agreed hours, for example through working fewer but longer days, or working flextime. Employees able to adopt flexible working are better able to balance work and family commitments and are therefore happier at work, experiencing greater job satisfaction. They are also more motivated and less likely to leave which is important because staff recruitment costs are not insignificant to businesses. For businesses, they reap the benefits through productivity increases, and greater cost-effectiveness. Customers can benefit too as businesses are better able to react quickly to changes in the market. All employees have a statutory right to request flexible working arrangements; the law extends no further than insisting employers consider and respond to these requests within a predefined timescale.

Questions and Answers from the Passage

Flexible working arrangements are conducive to better job satisfaction for employees.

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Cannot say

Answer: True – This statement is essentially a summary of the third sentence: “Employees able to adopt flexible working are better able to balance work and family commitments and are therefore happier at work, experiencing greater job satisfaction”.

Employers may save on recruitment costs if they introduce flexible working hours.

  1. Correct
  2. Not correct
  3. Don’t know

Answer: Correct The passage tells us that by adopting flexible working hours, staff are “more motivated and less likely to leave”. We are also told that “Staff recruitment costs are not insignificant to businesses.” So the passage says that by improving staff retention, businesses are more likely to save money on recruitment costs by adopting flexible working hours.

To get the complete and comprehensive Workforce Test Ability Past questions, do as instructed above. This past questions will definitely help you easily pass the test exercise.

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