Vocational Guidance and Career Choice for Students

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Vocational Guidance and Career Choice for StudentsAlthough there are many careers to choose from, individuals without guidance and counseling on future career choice decisions can be limited in their career options, especially if they are unprepared for the requirements the workplace, underestimate their capacities, or are unaware of the range of workplace accommodations that can broaden their career options. Vocational guidance in schools thus provides access to the skills  and resources students need to overcome these obstacles and prepare the to make choices relevant to their personal strengths and interests. The foundations of career self management skills (for example decision-making, self-awareness, self-confidence) are laid at an early age. However, vocational guidance in the primary and junior high schools are limited or non-existent and little systematic provision is made to explore the world of work.

Young people need to make a smooth transition from primary schools through junior high school to the initial years of senior high education: the choices that make at this point have major implications for later education and worm option. Vocational guidance needs to be  part of the process that helps them to make a smooth transition. Within general education path ways career guidance staff often spend substantial time preparing students to choose and compete for tertiary education places. This can result in those not intending to enter tertiary education receiving little help. It can also lead to little account being taken of the occupational and labour market consequences of particular tertiary education choice.

Furthermore, there is little o career guidance available for many students in tertiary education. Often, services are thin on the ground, with student not having access to the range of services they require to make informed educational ad career decisions. There is a lack of trained personal to meet tertiary students’ career development and guidance needs.

Vocational Guidance and Career Choice for Students

The focus of existing career services is frequently narrow, often concentrating on personal or study guidance little attention is however paid to career development and choice including helping students to develop career management and entrepreneurial skills and to consider taking up self-employment options identified specific career guidance needs of particular groups of students-including in transition from study to employment, students who are dropping out from or changing their courses, mature students returning to study, distance learning students and international students, for instance these need are not catered for. It is against this background that this study on vocational guidance on career choice is carried out.

Vocational guidance as an aspect of the guidance programme that is concerned with the giving of information to individuals concerning their vocations. This information could include available job opportunities, methods of application; they should also be assisted to acquire the skills they need in order to cope with the different circumstances they may encounter later on in life.

Vocational guidance is the process of passing the individuals to choose or select and occupation, prepare for it, enter into it and progress in it.

Vocational guidance as a process for helping individuals to choose an occupation, prepare for it, enter it and develop in it vocational happiness requires that a person’s interests, aptitudes and personality be suitable for his/her work. It pays its part by providing individuals with an understanding of the individuals with such terms as the dignity of labour and work value.

Vocational guidance is a process or programme of assistance designed to aid the individual in choosing and adjusting to a vocation. It a process of helping a person to develop and accept an integrated and adequate picture of himself and of his role in the world of work. It has a specific goal; it assists individuals to find satisfying interesting and realistic roles in the environment.

However different times the extent of students participation in vocational guidance activities. In the studies revealed that American high school students are highly involved in vocational guidance activities to the extent that some students now turn to private guidance counselor’s specialized career/vocational activities at all cost. In their individual students, the revealed that students have positive attitude towards vocational guidance activities since they are now aware of the great importance attached to their future vocations. The predispositions to take part in excursion depend on the level of school. According to him, most senior high school students participate in excursion as it relates to vocational concerns, however, for junior high school students; there was a significant decline in the frequency with which they participate in excursion. These could be as a result of the fact that those in the junior high school have vocational aspiration at this stage of schooling.

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