Overcoming Low Self Esteem | Undiluted Guide

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Overcoming low self to some people looks very difficult and challenging but with the help of this undiluted guide overcoming low self-esteem will be very easy.

Low self-esteem simply means downgrading yourself or believing that you can’t do anything on your own while high self-esteem is the positive evaluation of yourself.

Reason of Low Self-esteem

There are so many causes of low self-esteem but I want to point out the very common and significant ones

  • Maternal Effect: It is quite unlucky that so many people happened to be brought up by parent that are not really learned. They were not made to maybe go to school on time or learn a trade and as such when they see their mate going to school they feel left out.
  • Bodily Braved: You maybe physically challenge and therefore feel you cannot do what others do.
  • Noble Cluster: The friends you keep can so discourage you or their words may not ginger you at all. As a result you begin seeing yourself as a failure.

 Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

Maybe you are a victim of this three (3) significant causes of low self-esteem, cheer up there’s goodnews for you, the steps I will be giving below will help you break the bound of low self-esteem.

  • Personal Advice: Maybe you have been constantly putting yourself down or criticizing your actions in your own mind, a lot of pessimism and low self-esteem comes from negative advice. When using internal monologue – maybe you’ll be thinking about things like, you don’t deserve this or they will think am the only one around. If you have been having this mindset or listening to people that always say you cannot make it, it’s high time you disassociate yourself from such people.
  • Positive Reasoning: This means a deep thinking or reasoning of something worth time. Actually the only way to stop negative mind reasoning is to stop believing it if you think you are the most logical about negativity in thoughts, then you will find out they are not really based on anything at all. Start having a positive mind set, always confess boldly I can do it.
  • Acknowledge and Advance your Weakness: Here all you need to do is looking into that thing you cannot do and see possible ways of overcoming it. You may see a counselor if possible.
  • Don’t Dwell on the Past: So many people hold to their past failures so much, the more you remember your past failures it will discourage you, the experience maybe so bad that you may not even want to try again, but offcourse you make it, it even brings more joy that people though you cannot do it, prove them wrong by being positive enough to take a bold step.
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Reading this article to this point, I hope the above points on overcoming low self esteem will be of great help.

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