Mandatory Aims of Education | 10 Top Reasons

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This page contains mandatory aims of education, 10 top reasons why education is mandatory. Education is the process of learning, which means education is beyond read book or writing. It also attributes to experience, like some people will say experience is a great teacher.

10 Mandatory Aims of Education

The importance of education in today’s society cannot be over emphasized but below are main reasons why every individual should endeavor to be educated.

1. To Gain Knowledge

Knowledge is the major reason of education, education gives us knowledge of both what’s happening in the society and history. It also help us know the happenings beyond our society and the world at large in order to develop out technique suitably.

2. Upgrading of Standard of Living

Most people thinks education is a waste of time as they are just a material fact with no relative connection practically. With the help of education our standard of living changes both ethical and beyond.

3. Morals

Education helps us develop good ethics as citizens of the society. A well educated person contributes towards the growth and well-being of the society by means of transformation and development.

4. Improve Thinking Ability

Our mental status changes, education helps one develop a reasonable thinking about the society and the world at large, this when social stability comes in (peace, happiness, love).

5. Serene Society

Education enable us to live and believe like humans beings and develop good qualities such as honesty, mercy etc which tends to create a tranquil society.

6. Earn a Living

An educated person has more chance to get highly paid jobs.

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7. Self-assurance

Education seeks out to build one’s confidence in accomplishing difficult tasks and trials.

8. Occupation

Education is necessary for opting a suitable career. A satisfying career is the key to happy and healthy life.

9. Self-relying

Education helps us to be self-dependent by way of taking his or own decision and to believe on ourselves.

10. National Growth

If 95% of citizens of any country are educated then definitely the improvement that will be faced in such society will be tremendous.

Concluding, mentioned above are practical or mandatory aim of education therefore, endeavor to exonerate these points.


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