Influence of School Variables on The Academic Performance Of Students

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Influence of School Variables on The Academic Performance Of StudentsThe issue of students’ poor academic in public secondary school has become a major concern to parents, governments at all levels and the Nigeria society. The concern has been expressed in various ways and times without number by education experts, planners, researchers and parents have long echoed the awareness of this situation of students’ poor academic performance in public secondary schools.

In recent years, there has been increasing interest of many parents on sending their children to privately owned secondary schools. Many parents seem to believe that the quality of instruction, teachers’ attitude to work, and student’s academic performance among others surpasses the quality obtained in the public schools. The shifting emphasis to privately owned secondary schools has prompted increasing interest in the opening and running of privately owned institutions. The proprietors/proprietress of these institutions feels that they provide alternatives to government owned public secondary school in terms of the quality of teaching and learning facilities. most curious parents who want to provide quality education to their ward are willing to pay any cost for the education of their children in privately owned secondary schools .

In spite of recognized increasing number of qualified teachers in public secondary schools, the performance of students seems not to improve to justify this fact. One begin to wonder, whether students in the public school  are not give appropriate attention or what could be the magic performed in the privately owned institutions.

A school of thought believe that school management attitudinal factor influences students’ academic performances. It is observed that in some public secondary schools, the principals’ exhibit laize – affair attitude to work in which the members of the school community are allowed to operate the way the like. In such schools, lack of discipline is observed whereas in school where there is effective supervision, students’ academic progress academic performance. Earlier studies have attributed the attainment of school objectives to the influence of school learning resources. Schools with well equipped science laboratories, technical workshops and libraries cannot compare her students’ with school without such facilities. Those have been the predicament of most public secondary schools while some privately owned secondary schools are enjoying advantage.

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Influence of School Variables on The Academic Performance Of Students

In spite of the declaration of free and compulsory education for primary to secondary school levels by the government of Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria, many curious parents still want to pay any cost to send their wards to privately owned secondary schools. Many parent seems to have the impression that the standard of teaching in the public schools is poor judging from students poor academic performance. The fact that most students of the public secondary schools cannot defend acquired certificates make people to dout the standard

Again, the growing incidence of examination malpractices most in public secondary schools give people the cause to imagine what is going on in the public schools system when actually the seems to be a comparative high standard in most privately owned secondary schools. In some cases it is observed that most students who passed through privately owned secondary schools, find it easier to again admission into tertiary institutions immediately after their secondary education wheras must that pass through public secondary school find it difficult to obtain the cut-off-pant score to qualify for admission through unified JAMB admission. The problem of this study therefore is to investigate the influence of school various on academic performance of students’ public and private secondary schools in Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria.

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