How to Pass Any Recruitment Interview | All-inclusive Guide

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The aim of this article is enlightening job applicants on how to pass any recruitment interview be it Federal, State or NGO job.

Maybe in your past years of searching for a job, getting one seemed so difficult maybe because of one criteria or the other you failed to fulfill. But I tell you at the end of this article you will discover some little error you did that might have cost you the loss or failure in your past job interview.

Applying for a job may look so simple, but been able to get shortlisted or passing the interview is the base of success, getting any good paying job or been successful in the application of a particular job/position in any organization starts from the application stage.

Before unleashing this facts, I want you to pay close attention, read with understand and be ready to apply or absorb them as your new strategies.

How to Pass Any Recruitment Interview | All-inclusive Guide

Below are some discovered facts and information you should guide yourself with starting from today;

  • Job search
  • Be relevant with the vacant position
  • Acceptance without condition
  • Willingness
  • Adhering to instructions when filling the application form
  • Get interview past questions
  • Avoid low-self esteem
  • Be bold and confidence

Job Search

Off course, the dream or ambition of almost all students is going to school then service after which the search for a befitting job based on their discipline and then start life.

But hello, there is more to that, when searching for a job you need to consider certain facts like; does this job suite me, will I be able to cope with this job etc there are tens, hundreds and thousands of jobs on the internet, post officers or referral etc. You can search or select a job to apply through any of these means but based on the criteria earlier mentioned.

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Be Relevant with the Vacant Position

This means you should apply for positions related to your field of study (discipline). Avoid the feeling that when you get the job, you will understand how it works. Ask questions, make research about any position you’re applying in any organization.

Acceptance without Condition

When applying for a job, be ready to accept and adhere to the rules and regulations of the company of organization. Have no exceptions.


This is similar to acceptance without condition, but here you are ready to give in your effort, forgoing your personal goals for the overall aim and objectives of the organization.

Adhering to Instructions when filling the Application Form

So many just see a job advert and boom apply for it without carefully reading and understanding the requirements i.e. the Dos and Don’ts when filling the form. Failure to do this leads so many to disqualifying mistakes.

Get Interview Past Questions

Definitely, this is very important, unlike students intending to gain admission into any university will buy past questions for adequate preparation, same applies with job application. Preparing with the interview past questions of organization is so helpful and it’s gives you area of focus, a pre understanding of what your own interview will look like and above all self-confidence. You can get any job or recruitment past questions from

Avoid Low-Self-Esteem

Don’t be discourage by the number or class or people applying for the same job neither should you be discourage by the position you’re applying for especially when you have no or little experience.

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Be Bold and Confidence

Proper adherence to the instructions stated above and willingness to act on them assures your boldness and confidence for any job interview.

I would strongly recommend you effect this facts, remember read with understanding, and act what you read. Don’t belittle this article as it will help you overcome so many challenges of job interview.

You can also share this article on how to pass any recruitment interview to others you know may be in need of it too.

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