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GNPC past questions and answers can be downloaded on this page. Did you apply for Ghana National Petroleum Corporation Scholarship or recruitment?

We have compiled the complete past questions and answers for GNPC scholarship and recruitment respectively.

This compendium is made from previous examination conducted by the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation.

Whether you are an undergraduate that applied for GNPC scholarship or a graduate that applied for the GNPC recruitment we have a guide which will help you prepare adequately for the forthcoming examination.

This material when practiced will help you understand what GNPC examination either for the scholarship or past questions looks like.

How to Download GNPC Past Questions

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GNPC Sample Questions

GNPC Past Questions

Question 6

How many people traveled less than 16 KM during the day time in 2005?

  1. 225,000
  2. 279,000
  3. 490,000
  4. 654,000
  5. 929,000

Correct answer: C


Only AG & AC trains have routes that are less than 16 KM long.

During the daytime in 2005 there were (225,000 + 265,000) passengers traveling in both lines.

That is 490,000.

Question 7

In which train line did more people travel in 1930 than 2005?

  1. DT line night time
  2. AC line night time
  3. PE line day time
  4. PR line night time
  5. AC line day time

Correct answer: E


The AC line day time train in 2005 had only 265,000 passengers in comparison to 279,000 in


Note: The AG line day time train in 2005 only had 225,000 in comparison to 311,000 in 1930, however this option is not amongst the available answer options

Question 8

In 1930, how many people traveled less than 20 KM during the night time?

  1. 339,000
  2. 471,000
  3. 491,000
  4. 512,000
  5. 627,000 Correct answer: A


RF, CD, AC, & AG train lines have routes that are shorter than 20KM. The sum of the respective passengers in the night time in 1930 = 54+87+123+75 = 339 x 1000 = 339,000 passengers.

Question 9

In which of the train lines was the difference between the number of day and night time passengers the smallest in 2005?

  1. PR line
  2. CD line
  3. AG line
  4. RF line
  5. AC line

Correct answer: E


We must compare the differences between train line routes in the two 2005 columns (Day column and Night column)

PR line has a difference of (705-417) = 288

CD line has a difference of (425-311) = 114

AG line has a difference of (225-181) = 44

RF line has a difference of (487-317) = 170

AC line has a difference of (265-245) = 20

The smallest number difference between day and night time passengers in 2005 is in line AC Question 10

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