How to Secure a Federal Job in Nigeria

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The essence of this article is to enlighten and show both fresh graduate and experienced graduates on how to secure a Federal Job in Nigeria.

Job can be said to be an assign office for a particular purpose given to qualified persons with the interest of paying them for their services. Employment opportunities into federal government parastatals, department and agencies can be earned depending on your level of education/qualification that incudes your resume, to where your services are required. There are different jobs people can apply for in Nigeria depending on where they majored in the tertiary institution. A few of this jobs are Oil & Gas, Information and Communication Technology, Education sector, Economic and the Agricultural sector etc. Job opportunities are open to all suitably qualified persons in Nigeria irrespective of gender, ethnicity and background. Here is the steps on how to secure Federal Jobs in Nigeria.

These steps on how to secure a federal & state government job in Nigeria, here are the lists of requirements needed for job application. This will enhance your chances of being a successful job applicant.

Ongoing Federal Jobs in Nigeria

How to Apply for Federal & State Government Jobs in Nigeria

Below are the top basic required documents you need to have available before applying for any federal & state government job in Nigeria. They include;

  1. Original degree certificate or equivalent
  2. Original WAEC, NECO or GCE results
  3. Original birth certificate
  4. Certificate of Origin (Local Government)
  5. Original means of identification (Voters Card, Driver’s License, International passport, National Identify Card)
  6. Marriage certificate (for married women using their husband’s name)
  7. Your Curriculum Vitae

NOTE: When applying for the federal & government jobs, ensure to also strictly adhere to the information given based on the post you want.

  • Do not submit multiple applications to avoid automatic disqualification
  • Ensure your names are written or correctly spelt
  • Indicate if you are already registered under a pension fund administrator
  • Confirm that your grades are accurate as they are on your certificate to avoid disqualification
  • Ensure that the dates of work experience and graduation are correct

Finally, cross-check entered information before submission.

List of Federal Recruitment in Nigeria

CLICK HERE to access complete list of ongoing federal jobs in Nigeria.

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