Exhibiting Creativity in Leadership

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Exhibiting creativity in leadership is very mandatory, that is what helps a leader outstanding with great legacy after stipulated tenure or period of time.

If you’re a leader or intend to be a leader, I strongly recommend you stick to the salient points discussed in this article.

Now let’s check in the definition of creativity, before a leader or anyone is said to be creative it simply means, the person has exhibited some character or added uncommon value to something.

Exhibiting Creativity in Leadership

Leadership is simply the process of leading people while a leader is the person that leads.

Any leader that must be creative must have emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence in leadership comprises of 5 things:

1) A leader must be aware of him/herself

2) A leader must develop self-regulation

3) Motivation: Are you passionate about what you are doing, what gives you drive.

4) Empathy: Understand your people, always learn to hear from the other party, and don’t just conclude on your own.

5) Social skills: Your ability to associate with others

Creativity in leadership is determined or can be seen in three (3) areas

  1. Ideas in leadership
  2. Relationship in leadership
  3. Communication in leadership

Ideas in Leadership

Your ability to initiate new ideas is what makes your leadership impactful. As a leader you try to do things beyond the known, try something different, don’t be limited or comfortable with the level of your leadership, it is your hunger to break record that will bring out great ideas. I do boldly project show me a great man and I will show you great ideas.

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Relationship in Leadership

You must understand as a leader you are to serve people, don’t see yourself as all in all or feel every other person is a nobody as such you can talk to them anyhow or address them with no respect. As a creative leader always try to relate with your subordinate, be playful, and make them understand how important each person is to the company or organization. Your ability to relate effectively shows how creative you are.

Communication in Leadership

In every aspect of life that involves people there must be effective communication for proper understanding and advancement or achievement of goals. A leader that cannot communicate with his/her workers will end up having issues, for instance your secretary was supposed to present a financial report in a very crucial meeting but comes late any leader will be upset but when there is creativity you will control your anger and seek to know the reason for her coming late by so doing you have given her the communicate with you for proper understanding rather than shouting on her which will make her feel so bad.

Creativity that keeps the leadership going and making people and the society at large feel the impact. Don’t allow your leadership suffer stagnation, think creatively, behave creatively and execute plans/ideas creatively.

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