Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Job

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Welcome to recruitment domain, on this page you will get to know some common mistakes to avoid when applying for a job either in Nigeria, Africa or any part of the world.

You will agree with me that the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is increasing everyday but yet still in this same country others are getting befitting jobs while some are still yet to get their dream jobs. Although one of the challenges is lack of industry but not withstanding there are other good firms that still employ people irrespective of their discipline and pay them well.

Now the aim of this article is also to draw the curtain between the employed ones and the unemployed, reasons why one among twenty (20) graduates from the same department and institution gets quick employment. People that have not been able to get a job in some cases have better results or more productive that the employed ones but the turn to make silly mistakes that cost them fortune of a good job while applying.

If you’re currently unemployed I know this may really interest you, just relax and carefully read through the common mistakes to avoid when applying for any job or recruitment.

Validate the Recruiting Portal

Don’t just wake up see recruitment or job vacancy online and decide to apply for it when you’ve not confirmed either from others or the official website of such organization is truly they are vacancies. So many have made this mistakes and feel oh I have applied for a job at so company without knowing it was a total waste of time.

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Method of Application

It is not all recruitment or job vacancies that requires filling application form online, some may just be to send CV to an email. When you come across any recruitment or job advert find out first the method of application to avoid waste of time.

Correct Bio-Data

Every employer is very interested in the bio-data of the employee because this helps the company understand your background better. Some applicant make the mistake of changing their residential address or State of Origin to match the location of the company, this is abnormal. So far you are from Nigeria be rest assured to apply for any job of your choice within the country with your true address, only be ready to relocate if given appointment.

Reading Instructions before Applying

For jobs that requires filling for online, some applicants just move ahead to fill the form without understanding the stipulated instructions. Failure to fil the online application form according to the company’s instruction leads to automatic disqualification.

Adequate Preparation for Interview

No man is an island, therefore never thing you don’t need to revise to make more research before going for interview. I strongly recommend you get the past questions of any recruitment and study before the screening date.

Proper Dressing

Official dressing during interview of any job cannot be over emphasized, always remember the way you dress if the way you will be address. Irrespective of your financial status ensure you dress well for job interview.

Concluding, I would say now you know the common mistakes to avoid when applying for a job, I think you should indeed avoid them and believe me the next job interview will be the last.

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