Common Errors in Mathematics in Junior Secondary Schools

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Common Errors in Mathematics in Junior Secondary SchoolsMathematics is considered by many people, institutions and employers of labour among others as very important. Mathematics is considered indispensable because it has substantial use in all human activities including school subjects such as Introductory Technology, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and Agricultural Science. Its unique importance explains why the subject is given priority among other school subjects. In fact the International Association for the evaluation of educational achievement has also associated the learning of mathematics with basic preparation for the world, majority of secondary school students’ performance in mathematics have been variously reported by individuals and group of persons to be generally poor.

For instance, at the international scene, the situation reported by the National Research Council is of the views that students’ to change to a thinking mode suitable for the particular problem, for example, to alter between a numeric, graphic or symbolic form of representing mathematical ideas deterred them from solving a wide range of mathematical problems.

Common Errors in Mathematics in Junior Secondary Schools

Other researchers have also examined the incidence of errors as determinant of student’s achievement in mathematics. Among these errors are process errors committed by students while solving mathematical problems, factual errors, and conceptual errors committed by students while solving mathematical problems factual errors, conceptual errors etc. Teachers inability to diagnose these errors accordingly has contributed to the performance of students in both internal and external examinations. Thereby, if poor performance of the students in mathematics is to be stopped, these errors relating to the process skills should be identified among secondary school students for further learning of mathematics in higher institutions it becomes necessary, therefore too investigate the students specific area of weakness as indicated by the process error the committed. They are commonly brought to use while performing mathematics operations. The errors resulting from violations or wrong use of these skills are referred to as process errors, the errors which students commit in geometrical theories are conceptual, logical, drawn construction, translation and applied errors. Students commit errors in some other aspects of mathematic like inequalities, linear equations. This present study therefore intends to investigate on common errors in mathematics in junior secondary school students’ achievement in numbers and numeration.

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The purpose of this research work is to investigate on common errors in mathematics on school students academic achievement in number and numeration, researchers have noticed that school students perform poorly in mathematics due to careless error which students commit while solving mathematics. Common errors students commit has to be looked on because it put as follows: what common errors do student commit in mathematics and how does if affects their academic achievement in numbers and numeration.


The behaviourist theory of learning relates to an empiricist philosophy of science that all knowledge originates in experience. The traditional empiricist motto is “There is nothing in the mind that was first in the sense”. Hence a person can obtain direct and absolute knowledge of any reality because through the senses the image of that reality corresponds exactly with the reality.

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